Arly Gordon, LMT

Massage Therapist

Arly studied and completed the Therapeutic Massage program at Spa Tech in Maine during 2016, after having practiced as an amateur with family and friends for years, constantly desiring a further understanding of anatomy and physiology and how massage can be integrated into healing.  He originally became interested in massage during his time in Santa Cruz California while studying environmental education and sustainability.
He is down to earth and appreciates working on areas of focus utilizing myofascial and neuromuscular massage techniques.  Arly is talented about working with his clients to tailor a session to their needs. He provides massage integrating techniques to bring about relaxation, pain reduction, and increased range of motion.
Arly is trans-masculine, meaning he was assigned female at birth however identifies to a greater extent as masculine than feminine.  He is ardent about providing a safe space for people to heal.